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"It's not really mine, I just tend to it."

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Mother Earth's Farm began in 1997 as a small, locally run worm farm called VermiCulture Northwest. That aspect of the farm still exists and can be accessed through the Worms link. As a worm farmer, a commitment to a healthy Earth became a necessary part of what the farm was all about. The mission for the farm became one of spreading the information about worm composting and natural/organic fertilizers and the positive effects they have on the soil. From that meager beginning, evolved the need to use the product the worms produced to practice the methods being encouraged. Thus sprang forth Mother Earth's Farm. Mother Earth's Farm is a greenhouse environment where organic methods are used to produce naturally safe food, mostly greens used for salad mix or stir-fry. Find out more about what is being grown in the greenhouse by clicking on the Greens link. The next step in the evolution of Mother Earth's Farm moves out to the garden. This is happening as this website is being created

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and more information will be available on this aspect of the farm as the year progresses. The plan is to grow in tunnels, to extend the season, and protect from pests and severe weather. More traditional garden varieties will be featured with a touch of the gourmet. Visit often and share with me, Christy, as I experiment with Nature.

Mother Earth's Farm
6351 N. Davenport St.
Dalton Gardens, ID
(208) 651-3634